Local Sign Spinner Spins Sign

Are you interested in moving, but unsure where to find new housing developments? Perhaps you’re sick and tired of all that gold laying around your house and you’re looking for someone to buy it from you. Maybe you’re in the mood for a pizza that’s hot, ready and under $5. Whatever it is, there’s a sign spinner out there spinning a sign for you.

Sign spinning is an under-appreciated skill that has taken street corners and motorists by storm. Armed merely with a lightweight arrow-shaped board, an iPod, and an apparent inability to feel embarrassment, sign spinners are spinning their way into the hearts of many.

Thaddeus Granger is one such spinner currently working the intersection of El Camino Real and La Costa Avenue. “Right now I’m spinnin’ for WhiteFlint Station, this new condominium complex located a couple blocks that way,” stated Granger, as he spun his board between his legs, up over his back, and pointed it vaguely up the street. “They got some nice ass condos, but to be honest, I don’t really care about the product; all I care about is the art of spinnin.”

Thaddeus recently dropped out of Coleman College where he was pursuing a degree in fumigation in order to commit to spinning full time. He hopes to save enough money to enter into the 2013 AArrow World Sign Spinning Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he can pit his skills against the very best in the world, most notably 2012 champion, Hanzo Nakamaturisan of Tokyo, Japan.

What does the future hold for Thaddeus? Will sign spinning continue to spin its way into the mainstream? Where exactly is the goddamn WhiteFlint Station condo complex? Only time – and perhaps Google Maps – will tell.

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